Beyond Fabric Softener Sheets

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The Power of Plants

Beyond Fabric Softener Sheets, fragranced with Lavender, are formulated with plant-based softening agents on a non-woven sheet. Our dryer sheets provide a natural softening and freshening experience in a more traditional-type dryer sheet and come in recyclable cardboard packaging. You can feel good about naturally softening and reducing static on your clothes with Beyond Fabric Softener Sheets! 


One case of 12 boxes


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Package Count:
80 sheets
Item Quantity:
One case of 12 boxes
Item Description:
Fabric Softener Sheets
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99% USDS Certified Biobased Product
essential oil fragrance
recyclable packaging
not tested on animals

Product Details

  • 99% USDA Certified Biobased Content

  • Fragranced with essential oils
  • Powered by plant based ingredients

  • Beyond Fabric Softener Sheets are not tested on animals

  • We update our package from time to time, so there may be a difference from what you receive and the images you see here. Not to worry, it’s the same great product inside