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Drawers and Stored Clothes

Fight moths and musty smells wherever you keep your current wardrobe or off-season clothes. Simply tuck Beyond Dryer Sheets in between layers to keep them smelling fresh. For seasonal footwear that’s stored in boxes or totes, spray Beyond Fabric and Air Mist inside your shoes, boots and sandals to repel foot odor.

Solve the Diaper Pail Dilemma with Oxi Technology

Dirty diapers stacking up in your diaper pail can cause serious odor, bacteria and mold/mildew issues. But who wants to use harsh chemical cleansers around babies? The powerful combination of Beyond™  Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Beyond Fabric & Air Mist can keep the funky stink and fungi in check without harsh fumes or chemicals. Both are formulated with our patented oxi technology, a more environmentally-friendly disinfecting and deodorizing ingredient.

Tip 1: Use our Designed for the Environment Multi-Purpose Cleaner to clean and deodorize the inside, cover and outside of your diaper pail. Odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew don’t stand a chance against the powerful H2O2 formula.

Tip 2: To prevent odor, freshen your nursery space with Fabric & Air Mist. Our oxi technology breaks down and destroys odors at their source without harsh fumes or residual chemicals. Available in Extra Strength, Ocean Mist and Summer Sunrise scents.



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