Dirty diapers stacking up in your diaper pail can cause serious odor, bacteria and mold/mildew issues. But who wants to use harsh chemical cleansers around babies? The powerful combination of Beyond™  Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Beyond Fabric & Air Mist can keep the funky stink and fungi in check without harsh fumes or chemicals. Both are formulated with our patented oxi technology, a more environmentally-friendly disinfecting and deodorizing ingredient.

Tip 1: Use our Designed for the Environment Multi-Purpose Cleaner to clean and deodorize the inside, cover and outside of your diaper pail. Odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew don’t stand a chance against the powerful H2O2 formula.

Tip 2: To prevent odor, freshen your nursery space with Fabric & Air Mist. Our oxi technology breaks down and destroys odors at their source without harsh fumes or residual chemicals. Available in Extra Strength, Ocean Mist and Summer Sunrise scents.